Custom Work

Tremaine Ranch is proud to offer custom home furniture as well as custom pieces for any special event. Looking for custom paper products, custom hand letter signage, custom games, or just that perfect sweetheart table you can't seem to find? Let us help! When designing for our own wedding, we really wanted wooden benches for our ceremony seating. The only problem was they were no where to be found for rent in Arizona. So, we decided to make them ourselves. After spending countless nights working on the benches, we realized how important it was to have what we wanted. We put in the time and effort to build what you want because we believe that each client is worth it. Looking for that custom farmhouse table, that custom alter for your wedding day or even just a unique conversation piece? Look no further! Allow us to do the dirty work and create that itemyou've been searching for. Contact us here with what you have in mind to get pricing and availability.